Tour de France Challenge


For: Routes into Languages East

Co-development and graphic design for the Routes into Language East Tour de France Challenge, 2014. Pupils at Key Stage 3 work together in groups to take part in creative activities involving language learning.

Just like in the real race, there are 21 activities (‘stages’) to choose from, involving activities such as designing a bicycle using the target language, recording a commentary for a cycling race, planning a healthy recipe based on the regions that the Tour passes through, and even designing a cycling-based computer or board game.

Fashion & Languages


For: Routes into Languages East

Development of a cross-curricular framework for teaching languages using fashion as a motivational topic, with an emphasis on creative, activity-based learning and project work.

Pupils learn vocabulary for items of clothing, colours, parts of the face and body, as well as how to describe clothes and styles, and give instructions for a photo shoot. Throughout the project’s eight units, pupils compile their own ‘look books’ to practise and demonstrate what they have learnt in class. At the end of the project, they put on a fashion show to showcase their new language skills.

The Fashion & Languages framework is designed to be universally applicable to all languages, and is currently being piloted in German.

Languages with music – workshops for teachers


For: Prince’s Teaching Institute

Interactive workshops for language teachers, demonstrating methodology and activities for teaching languages with pop music.

Workshops are applicable to all Key Stages, with a particular focus on KS3, and include activities based on German pop, indie, electro and hip-hop etc., as well as easy & fun songwriting in German.

Find out how to inspire pupils’ enthusiasm and further intercultural understanding through the use of up-to-the minute hit records!

Languages with football – interactive training seminars


For: Goethe-Institut worldwide (UK, Poland, Sweden)

Interactive training seminars for language teachers, demonstrating methodology and activities to teach languages with football.

Including kinaesthetic activities for the classroom and playground, football card and board games, video activities, drama and role-play, and how to create animated PowerPoint resources, as well as football training with language-learning activities.

Find out about the football seminar ‘Bringt den Ball ins Rollen – Deutsch lernen mit Fußball’, Gothenburg, November 2013, in the Goethe-Institut Stockholm’s blog (in German):

Together in the Language of Sport


For: European Commission, Goethe-Institut London, Arsenal FC

Complete project management and development of a multilingual song competition for UK secondary school pupils to write the lyrics for an Olympics-themed song in French, German, Greek, Italian and Spanish, with a chorus in English: Together in the Language of Sport.

The competition was entered by over 450 pupils from more than 50 UK secondary schools, and the finished song was performed live at the Emirates Stadium by 350+ pupils in July 2012.

Find out more about the project and watch the performance in the song video / documentary:

More information about the project is also available on the Arsenal Double Club Languages website:

Teacher training seminars: languages & sport


For: various clients – including Goethe-Institut Warsaw

Development and delivery of interactive training seminars for language teachers, introducing materials and methodology for combining language teaching with sport. Examples of past seminars include the ‘Get the ball rolling’ seminar, piloted with the Goethe-Institut Warsaw, May 2012. This residential, three-day seminar included workshop sessions for teachers in the classroom and on the playing field, with participants developing games, animated PowerPoint presentations, football training activities and football podcasts in a highly enjoyable, ‘hands on’ seminar.

Elements of this seminar can be adapted for any length of training event from 30 minutes to 3+ days. To find out more and to discuss how Goodlogic Projects can help you combine language teaching with sport, please contact us.

Double Club: Spanish


For: Routes into Languages East, Norwich City FC, Norfolk County Council

Development of multimedia educational resources based around the Norwich City squad to teach Spanish, including printed worksheets and flashcards, as well as PowerPoint presentations for use on interactive whiteboards.

Think German


For: German Embassy London and partners

Development and management of a media-rich web presence for the high-profile marketing campaign Think German, including interactive online competitions, user-created galleries and community.