Languages with pop music – workshops

For: Prince’s Teaching Institute

Interactive workshops for language teachers, demonstrating methodology and activities for teaching languages with pop music.

Workshops are applicable to all Key Stages, with a particular focus on KS3, and include activities based on German pop, indie, electro and hip-hop etc., as well as easy & fun songwriting in German.

Find out how to inspire pupils’ enthusiasm and further intercultural understanding through the use of up-to-the minute hit records!

Languages with football – seminars

For: Goethe-Institut worldwide (UK, Poland, Sweden)

Interactive training seminars for language teachers, demonstrating methodology and activities to teach languages with football.

Including kinaesthetic activities for the classroom and playground, football card and board games, video activities, drama and role-play, and how to create animated PowerPoint resources, as well as football training with language-learning activities.

Find out about the football seminar ‘Bringt den Ball ins Rollen – Deutsch lernen mit Fußball’, Gothenburg, November 2013, in the Goethe-Institut Stockholm’s blog (in German):